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Industrial Control Systems Security

A guide to Securing Industrial Control Systems With Fortinet

Operational Technology and IEC-62443 Compliant End-to-End Security

In recent years, the Industrial Control Systems (ICS) upon which much of our critical infrastructure and manufacturing industry depends, have come under increasingly frequent and sophisticated cyber-attacks.
In part, this is a consequence of the inevitable convergence of Operational Technology (OT) with Information Technology. As in all spheres of computing, the advantages of increased network connectivity through open standards such as Ethernet and TCP/IP, as well as the cost savings derived from replacing dedicated proprietary equipment with off-the-shelf hardware and software, come at the cost of increased vulnerability.

However, while the impact of a security breach on most IT systems is limited to financial loss, attacks on ICS have the added potential to destroy equipment, threaten national security, and even endanger human life. With this critical distinction also comes a troubling difference in the profiles and motivations of potential attackers. While the lion’s share of modern cybercrime is motivated by financial reward, ICS have recently become attractive targets for terrorism and cyber-warfare.

As a consequence, the financial and human resources available to its perpetrators can be an order of magnitude greater than those of conventional cybercriminals. This is especially true of highly targeted state-sponsored attacks, of which STUXNET (first appearing back in 2010) is considered one of the most sophisticated examples so far.

The purpose of this guide is to show how, in spite of these and many other challenges, Fortinet’s Solutions can help to ensure the safety and reliability of ICS, and in particular those employing Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA).

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