Juniper Networks License and Support Renewal

Support, maintenance contract or license renewals

Juniper Networks licenses or support contract renewal?

Are your Juniper licenses up for renewal? Is your Juniper support contract almost ending? This is the perfect moment to shop around for a competitive offer! As a global partner for many cutting-edge technology companies, we can offer high discounts on support contracts and license renewals. Request a quote or download our price list by clicking on one of the buttons.

Maintain Your Juiniper Networks Solution with Fast, Reliable Support

In a world where change is the only constant, you rely on your Juniper technology to deliver, no matter what turns your business takes. As challenges arise, quickly finding the best solution for your business can mean the difference between IT crisis and IT agility.

Juniper Care Services

Juniper Care Services provide rapid response from Juniper Networks’ technical service engineers and hardware replacement options that let you choose the right timing and resources for your network needs. Juniper Care increases your operational effectiveness and lowers operational costs by utilizing Juniper Networks® Junos® Space Service Now to reduce the time for problem identification and diagnostics. This allows your staff to concentrate on running the business, not fixing equipment.

Receive best-in-class traditional 24x7 support. Take advantage of award-winning online support that is rated one of the ten best Web support sites for an industry unprecedented six consecutive years, according to the Association of Support Professionals (ASP). No other networking company has won more than three consecutive ASP awards.

  • Is maximized network availability a priority for your organization?
  • Is your internal IT staff stretched too thin?
  • Do you need to reduce network-based risk while increasing the value of your network investment
  • Would you like to reduce your current support costs?

If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions, you will benefit from Juniper Care Services. Experts in achieving network availability levels, our engineers and technicians can help your organization meet the most aggressive network demands through operational support that ensures maximum uptime, utility, and value.

Service Description

Juniper Care combines traditional 24x7 remote technical support, hardware replacement services, online support and service automation. More than a simple break-fix service, Juniper Care helps you meet network demands with technical and operational support designed to keep your network running reliably, while at the same time protecting your high-performance networking investment.

  • Scale your operational team to new heights and leverage multilayered security features through Service Now management capabilities.
  • Increase your operational effectiveness and lower operational expenses by using Service Now to reduce the time needed for problem identification, troubleshooting, and communication with Juniper Networks technical support.
  • Dramatically simplify operational processes through self diagnosis and automated incident reporting to significantly reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR), allowing staff to concentrate on higher priority tasks that drive the business.
  • Increase operational efficiency by automating detailed inventory management.
  • Improve operational stability with early identification of incidents that are reported in real time, allowing for preemptive diagnosis and repair, and increasing the availability of your network.

Juniper Care Services: Juniper Care Plus and Juniper Care

  • Juniper Care Plus delivers proactive and personalized services, evolves with your business initiatives and provides the highest network availability.
  • Juniper Care improves staff productivity and decreases operational costs through award winning 24x7 support and automation.

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